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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Belton
David Foulkes

Jim Kirkham

Ed Akers

Phil Cranfield

Neil Davey

* *

Richard Stead

Rob Turner

Andy Coles

Stephen Milner

Amjid Majid

Date   15/05/2010
Location   Home
Result   Won
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   218  for  7
Opposition   217  for  9
Points   19
Man of Match   Neil Davey
Cpt Calamity   Andy Coles
Match Report  

We finally got a game in ! having struggled to get a team together the 11 players did a sterling comment. Best comments of the day were from PJ whom at 12.45 said (about Neil Davey) if I knew he was playing I wouldnt have bothered a statement fully endorsed by his captain.

Then later stated even if we get 0 points today our average will improve. Belton won the toss and elected to bat a disaster from skippers point of view as he needed to organis drinks and teas which you cant do from the pitch. On the playing side we were up to 10 players for start as Maj had been dealing with Colesy as to ground location and was heading to Flintham and called from Gunthorpe bridge. Colesy missed the first 2 overs helping Maj get to the ground this was his first claim to Captain calmity award. Davey opend the bowling with 9 men on pitch and was ok with 4 coming off first over.

Then Jimmy started by bowling slightly wide of second slip. then we were up to 11 so daveys second over went for 15. The bowling steadied up and then Colesy was first change replacing Davey and managed to bowl two beamers in his first over (2nd claim for captain calmity. Colesy Dick and Jim did well but it was Colesy who in his ninth over got spanked for two fours and started accusing fielders of being inept - Captain being one of accused had to intervene and take him out of attack 3rd claim.

He was replaced by Maj new to the club and made another great quote for the day by saying he wanted to play in the same team as Colesy as he knew Colesy would make him look good (that sealed the captain calamity award.

The opposition scored 217 for 9 Jimmy taking 3 Maj taking 2 Colesy a lucky 2 and Dick a well deserved 1. So to tea and having already won the calamity award for the field Colesy then made comment of below standard tea which was quickly relayed to Hong Kong Paddy. So we went into bat and Neil Davey scored a very slow 82 and put us behind the rate but inspired the other batsmen to bat efficiently and therefore inspired the win.

Rob hit a boundary in the second to last over which left 2 needed and the next ball after Colesy had been advising him was bowled. It was a very good day and Maj made a very promisg debut. PJ will suffer Sunday and Monday due to keeping but his 34 inspired by tortoise Davey helped set us up. Well done and lets have no more point deductions for the season.

A special request from Neil venomous Davey aka Alan Donaldo to mention his quicker quick bouncer which rendered the opposition opener out for the count and certainly stopped him scoring a double century

Report by   David Foulkes
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