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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Willoughby OTW
David Foulkes

* *

Phil Cranfield

Neil Davey

* *

Gavin Lewis

Andrew Polkey

Richard Stead

Andy Coles

* *

Kyle Barker

Date   22/05/2010
Location   Away
Result   Lost
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   174  for  10
Opposition   175  for  7
Points   5
Man of Match   Andy Coles
Cpt Calamity   Neil Davey
Match Report  

A very hot day - and a great game which we unfortunately just failed to win by 1 run. The following will explain hopefully why.

At 10 past one I received the first candidate for captain calamity (one of many) It was PJ calling from a wasteland near cossington saying where has the ground gone - His sat Nav had taken him there all due to a little s. Dom took over the giving of directions as PJ was getting a little stressed as I was laughing and not being much help. Then I lost the toss so we had to field and Dom was the new keeper. We took the field with 10 and the opening bowlers of Polkey and Coles did a great job in restricting the runs. Then came the next candidate for CC in the 19th over Polkey bowled the newly titled slower bouncer and the batsmen went to pull it but only succeeded in lobbing it up to first slip. The call from Dom was catch it and the ball was slowly dropping toward Davey who had the most petrified look on his face knowing that if it was spilled he would be knocked out by the keeper. He held it, which meant he could have a bowl. He bowled quite well but was increasingly annoying Dom by making the ball bounce lots of times before reaching Dom. He then got a little edge and Dom dropped it but Neil was adamant that the batsmen was no where near it. Then there was another edge and Dom caught it and Davey had a wicket. We progreseed through the overs and it looked like we could restrict them to around 150 if we kept picking up wickets. There was some ingenious fielding and shys at stumps which were not actually within 20 feet of the stumps. One led to the batsmen just running and being run out going for the 3rd. We completed our overs and the last over went for two sixes from Dick which meant the opposition ended on 175 for 7. A total we would have taken at the start. So to tea we gave PJ directions to the tea room so he didnt get lost again. Our openers were full of confidence Rob and Davey but for some unlucky shot selection they were back to the hut for 0 and 6 respectively. So Gav and PJ set about the bowling and took us to 40 before Gav missed the ball and was LBW given by umpire Dom neil Davey was square leg at time and said it was an excellent decission. So in went Kyle and put on 5 with PJ until he was bowled. So in went the skipper to bat with PJ and the pair put on a partnership of 36 until I edged one to the keeper, according to Davey the umpire neither he nor the bowler thought I hit it, but as I took my leave up went his finger. When asked why if he didnt think I hit it did he give me out he replied because I hate you. then in went Colesy to bat with PJ and they were cruising. That was until I went out to umpire and only 40 were needed off 15 overs with 5 wickets in hand. Then a chance of captain calamity but who to - The ball went behind to short fine leg  Colesy shouts no then he shouts Yes as the man had mis fielded it. PJ was unmoved and Colesy went to his end and so was out as the bowler took the bails off. Colesy whimpered its my call as he headed to dressing room. Here is the dilemma PJ should have run as it was the non strikers call. Colesy should know that no one follows the instructions of a fat bald copper. So Davey gets the award.

Polkey but on a late fight back with Dick to get us very close and then with 4 balls left and 2 wanted Dick missed a little looping ball and was bowled. Game over. We have competed in both games we have turned up for winning one and losing oneso well done.

Report by   David Foulkes
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