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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Hucknall
David Foulkes

Phil Cranfield

Neil Davey

* *

* *

Andrew Polkey

Richard Stead

Stephen Milner

* *

Ben Carr

Bryan Butler

Date   05/06/2010
Location   Away
Result   Won
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   83  for  2
Opposition   81  for  10
Points   20
Man of Match   Neil Davey
Cpt Calamity   * *
Match Report  

A fine sunny afternoon all players arrived on time at the right place what could possibly go wrong. The captain decided to call wrong as predicted by Dom so we were banished to field. Neil Davey and Andy Polkey took the new ball and bowled very tidily giving little away. Then came the Davey slower bouncer thing that obviously paralysed the batsmen who spooned it up to PJ who also had become paralysed but managed to cling onto it. So 1 down and over to Polkey who after being smacked over his head for 4 induced a false stroke from the number 3 and the ball went up to mid onish. Name on it called Dom, Ian's came a cry and then there followed a lot more crying. Initially from Polkey as the bowl went through Wilko's hands but then from the man himself as the ball combined to make an unwelcome trio. After a few minutes of rolling on the ground Ian was able to get up and carry on. Davey bowled at the number 3 and he skied it again and who was underneath it but Wilko who made no mistake this time much to the delight of Polkey as venemous had now taken his second wicket. Foulkes and davey stood a lot closer at slip than advised by PJ fortunately for Polkey as he got an edge that caused a one handed dive from Davey and the batsmen had to go. Then polkey bowled the next so 4 wickets had gone for very few runs. Polkey and Davey continued for their 12 overs and finished with 4 and 3 wickets respectively and Polkey induced another excellent catch from his brother in law who got behind a ball destined for the boundary but Brian will be more aware next time that it is sometimes better to fetch it. So over to wilko and Stead who took a wicket each and then Ian Goodman came on for a one over spell and he picked up the last wicket with his sixth ball. So the opposition bowled out for 81 in 35 overs was a much better position than anticipated when I called wrong. So 82 to win and Ben carr and PJ set about the task well putting on 54 before Benn was caught for 27 PJ had contributed 9 at this stage. At no 3 went Ian Goodman who celebrated his first scoring shot with a single off the first ball. Then he was bowled with the 3rd ball of the next over so he scored one in 4 balls and conceded one in 6 so a net plus for the team. So it was now up to PJ and Davey to see us home and following a long midwicket conference as Neil couldnt work out what 81 divided by four was so PJ just hit the winning runs in the 20th over to give us 20 points. One of the best catching performances for a long time and a much deserved victory. The day just got better when Paddy turned up in the car park with a broken nose from her karate tournament.

Report by   David Foulkes
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