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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Willoughby OTW
David Foulkes

Ed Akers

Phil Cranfield

Glen Formoy

Rob Turner

* *

Andy Coles

Stephen Milner

Nick Freeman

* *

Ian Richardson

Date   31/07/2010
Location   Home
Result   Lost
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   187  for  9
Opposition   188  for  3
Points   4
Man of Match   Phil Cranfield
Cpt Calamity   Phil Cranfield
Match Report  

A crucial game for is in terms of survival. The skipper had a nightmare getting to the ground doing a 7 mile round trip of Southwell only to be told when getting to the ground that the signs saying road closed didnt really mean it. Then on his round trip was confronted with a tractor coming the other way so ended up reversing into a ditch. Then lost the toss and was put in to bat. Opened up with PJ and Formoy and they put on a great opening partnershipof 58 till Formoy was out. Then PJ had to watch as a procession of batsmen went in and back again. Till 85 for 4 then a partnership of 48 between PJ and Coles. Then the start of PJ's captain calamity award he came to me and said after an over or two and we had scored 16 and said you have gotta play straight all the others have got out playing accross the line. So a long hop is bowled I gets in position to smack through midwicket and then thought oh no must play to instructions so played a french cricket shot and looped the ball in the air and was caught by the keeper. It hasd high comic value though. Wickets continued to fall until Rob Turner went in and scored 16 and the pair put on 35 giving us 187 with PJ carrying his bat for 82 not out. So we had a rubbish tea where fancy cut tomatoes where the order of the day rather than proper food. Roger Tysoe did say to do that the preparer had too much time on their hands. A point which was relayed by me to the tea maker. So to field and bowling and we made the total of 188 seem reasonable with the first 20 overs going for 68 so drinks and PJ's second for CC Coles came from behind the stumps to bowl and being not so good behind the stumps he was completely Donkey like bowling so asked for a 7 - 2 offside field and then bowled leg side beamers so captain waited for a decent over to take him off but couldnt wait any longer. Ed not wishing to be outdone took inspiration from Colesy and tried to emulate him. There was some great fielding from young Jason particularly a flick off his feet which showed great control. Roger replaced coles and looked like there is a lot of promise there. So we lost and that means we have to win next week or face relegation. Good news is that Coles is on duty at Forest so we have a chance.


Report by   David Foulkes
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