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Sunday 1st XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Radcliffe-on-Trent
* *

Daniel Collington

* *

Gavin Lewis

Andrew Polkey

Rob Turner

* *

Andy Laughton

Jack Surtees

Chris Spittlehouse

* *

Date   03/07/2011
Location   Away
Result   Won
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   130  for  5
Opposition   126  for  10
Points   4
Man of Match   Chris Spittlehouse
Cpt Calamity   Chris Spittlehouse
Match Report  

Just like to mention lads i have reached my new personal milestone, 17 tosses, not won a single one yet: Mathematically Brilliant.

We fielded first, me and dan collo opened the bowling, their kiwi opening bat taking a liking to me right from the start, so i decided to call time after 5 overs, and give someone else a bash. Dan collo got their other opening bat out dislodging his off stump from the floor, kept a bit low but a good ball all the same. Me and dan came off after 10 overs, the score being just over 50.

On came Andy Polkey and Chris Spittlehouse, Polkey was swinging the ball right from the start, beating the bat a lot, and slowing up the scoring nicely. Polkey beat the bat so much that max managed to stump 2 of their lads, polkey picking up his 3rd wicket LBW (3-36 off 8).

Chris's first over was average to say the least, at the end of that over he came to me and said "your not taking me off until i've got another 5 wickets" to which i thought, brilliant ... should be good to watch.

Chris's first scalp was the kiwi, caught behind off the gloves, well taken by max. The next scalp was their number 4, caught by bailey in the slip cordon, graceful catch no worries at all. Scalp number 3 for chris was their number 3, who after deciding he was invincible after hitting a few fours decided to sky one ... dan collo decided to shout mine, even though he was about half a kilometre away ... bit over eager, but max thought it safer to take it himself. The 4th scalp for chris was a regulation delivery that nipped in a depolled a young lad, breaking the bail, which i imagine chris probably forgot to take in the end.  Desperate for his 5 chris steamed in and caught their number 9 bang in front of middle, up went the finger and it was drinks all round from spittlehouse (jugs in).

Oh and just for good measure he got a 6th wicket, last lad scooped one to gav at gully, who made the catch look very hard, and it was 6 for 39 off 8 for spittlehouse, or fittlehouse/shittlehouse or whatever was in their scorebook.

Onto the batting.

Max and Bailey opened up, max being either sexist or not a very nice individual spanked their opening bowler all over the shop in the first few overs, bailey occasionall joined in with a flurrish to the boudnary rope.

Everything looked hunky dory when the 50 came up with only 8 overs gone.

Bailey was the first to fall to maybe the worst bowler ive ever seen in my cricketing career so far. The ball was reasonably good in the sense that it didnt bounce 3 times and wasnt on a different strip, bailey chucked the whole kitchen conversion at it but managed to pick out cover, who held onto it somehow. In i walked and after 2 full tosses that i defended rather than destroying i walked back to the pavilion admiring how good the grass was, (caught slip for nana). Gav in next, looked like he was going to take his time, defended to first ball nicely, only for the next ball to be swatted to the leg side boundary. Gav fell a few balls later to another half tracking well outside off, probably was going to bounce twice delivery that he carved straight to the bloke that caught bailey in the covers.

Next to the crease was Mr tattoo himself, who knowing the situation said "i just fancy a smash" Brilliant

What happened next was pretty obvious really, chris decided to pick out their youngest frailest 8 year old bowler and duelly started tonking him all over the park, few sixes here and there. Taking the game away from them at this point.

At the crease with Chris was Dan collo, who again decided that his first ball was going to be swatted cross batted off middle stump to the midwicket boundary, risky. Dan and chris kept peppering the boundary again and again until it was a case of we needed 1 to win as we were level.

Chris said to dan just as the bowler was walking back to his mark "wherever it goes i'm running"

The bowler chucks another fray bentos into the equation and dan misses it, falling over onto his face in the process. The keeper had the ball in his hand when chris was 3 quarters of the way down the track, he then turned to get back and slipped and fell on his arse, both dan and chris were laid up sunbathing in the middle when the keeper rolled down a strike at the far end to run out spittle.

Much to polkey's unamusement he had to come in with the scores level. Polkey didn't want to break a sweat so thrashed the first delivery to the point/gully boundary for 4 to seal the victory for us.

Great job lads, win in the bag and a much needed one at that.

Man of the Match: Chris Spittlehouse (6 for 39 and 29 with the bat, single handedly won us that one.)

Capt Calamity: Chris spittlehouse (For running himself out and falling on his arse at the same time, quality)


Report by   Andy Laughton
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