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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Beeston & Toton Sycamore
Ed Akers

Rob Turner

* *

* *

Paul Whitby

Bryan Butler

* *

Paul Black

Stuart Black

Corey Thomas

Chris Brenchley

Date   02/06/2012
Location   Away
Result   Lost
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   83  for  10
Opposition   84  for  2
Points   0
Man of Match   Rob Turner
Cpt Calamity   Stuart Black
Match Report  

 Another loss but lots to be looking forward to.

After more than a few personnel changes  in the 24 hours before the match, with the first team robbing players on the day of the match, and soiling any thoughts of ore matc preparation with panic calls about fire alarms and other stuff, it was another rushed start to a game.

With little bowling  available the toss was won and we batted first.

The pitch was variable to say the least with logs rolled in it and more moss than a super model embedded in it, aided with  an outfield that resembled a savannah.

Clearly the home team knew what to do and immediately bowled a slow and steady set of deliveries, taking  the speed off the ball and frustrating the batsmen - well me anyway as I stayed patient for approximately 4 minutes ( in fairness 3 more than usual) before helicoptering myself off with a totally inappropriate shot.

Others faired better but again were frustrated by a paceless pitch and steady bowling, and an outfield that resembled another 6 fielders in assisting braking the loose balls that were attempted to be put away.

Rob Turner was the pick of the batsmen staying nice and patient and then picking off the loose balls for a nice 31 - if only others could have emulated him we would have been in a better position. Sadly even Rob lost his patience and left  the tail exposed.

As it was we turned around with only 83 on the clock, and that was a big ask for the bowlers.

Corey and Dan J started well, with Dan J especially going past the batsmen edge on several occassions with no luck at all.

Corey came off after a respectable start to try and alter the bowling to stop the batsmen settling and Phil Z bowled a nice tight line to eventually displace one of their opening pair with a very good lbw call.

Having had some bad luck previously, Dan Jones took  a very awkward running catch to his wrong side to dislodge their captain and opening bat from some fine, if rusty, bowling from Rob Turner, who clearly now has his sights on getting some more wickets.

Man of the match has to go to Rob, with a fine knock and some  nice bowling as mentioned.

Captain Calamity - well it would have been mine fair and square, had first Bryan Butler not come to the crease with his mobile  phone in his pocket ( now to be forever known as Lamby) and then for it to be grabbed with a late call by Stuart Black  who managed to hit 'Stone him' Whitby whilst trying to score a run out, after Whitby had taken evasive action some 5 metres away from the stumps by curling up  as tight as the smallest hedge hog in small hedge hog land - a difficult strike  at the best of times.

A belated thanks to Haley Nevin who allowed Ed Akers to come out from the Sunday tteam to fill in a gap left by the earlier activities, and a much needed contribution by Ed on the field with  bowler suport and  a cameo with the bat after he rushed to get there.








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