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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Collingham
David Hedge

* *

Rob Turner

* *

Jack Surtees

Bryan Butler

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Paul Black

Stuart Black

Josh Perry

Date   28/07/2012
Location   Home
Result   Won
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   272  for  8
Opposition   209  for  5
Points   17
Man of Match   David Hedge
Cpt Calamity   * *
Match Report  

Warmer weather welcomed us at home where we faced Collingham III's.

The day started  well with the 2 openers turning up late, having decided that if  the toss was won we would bat, which happened.

As it was with seconds to spare they both turned up  and then started possibly the longest game of cricket ever.

Collingham only had 10 men, and having chosen to bat Max decided that he wouldn't hang about and started carving off the bowling but he didn't last long, hoplinh out when mistiming a shot  to leg.

Roger came in and calmed things down with Dave 'the creosote' Hedge, who had decided to motivate himself on the way to the  ground my smacking himself in the lip

There then followed a lesson in how to build an innings patiently.

With rapid Rog at teh other end encoruaged Dave to run ( even a 3, yes you did read that here) Dave slowly built through for 43.2 over until he had hit a mighty 161 (from 129 balls), and had he not taken advice from Mad Max ...'but Dave you haven't hit one 6 yet) he might just have gone to get even more.

During this innings various came and went, with Rog ably adding 37 and Dan J 19, Rob T 11, Bryan Butler 6 and Josh 4. The tail didn't need to wag at te end as Dave had done the damage and those with him beingintold to hit out to try and score as much as we could.

Setting 272 the case started well for Collingham when Roger couldn't find his line, but Dan J had pegged down the other end.

Mad Max had dropped another (admittedly very sharp) chance at the offside trap.

Jack  Surtees came on to try and stop the flow and again this wasn't working, so we slowed things down with Max. Early drinks cam eand it was clear that we needed to get their opener out, which hapened first ball after drinks, making the old phrase ring true again.

After that it was a matter of buckling down, stoping looking at the big score on the board and trying to focus on getting wickets and stopping runs leaking.

Fisko's more normal batting track and outfield were helping Collngham, and a determined chase ensued although it never looked like we would lose.

After having to take Josh off with a warning for his action from the opposition umpire, Dan wrapped up one end and Jack Surtees came back to take wickets whith his more normal line and length.

A good win, a great day for Creosote, and Dave's new warmup regime is digging up 3 concrete posts and smashing himself in the lip to psych himself up.







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