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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   East Bridgford
Steve Collington

Glen Formoy

Andy Gordon

* *

Stephen Milner

Bryan Butler

Paul Black

Stuart Black

Jono Hatton

Josh Perry

Chris Brenchley

Date   11/08/2012
Location   Home
Result   Lost
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   169  for  10
Opposition   191  for  3
Points   0
Man of Match   Stephen Milner
Match Report  

My last match  for 2012 saw the return of Steve Collington from injury and Andy Gordon and Glen Formoy (more recently)  from semi-retirement. I also returned to WK duties as various other 2nd teamers had been called up to the 1's  and so the average age of the side climbed more than a little.

Things started well when I lost the toss and the other side decided to bat, as Steve C had decided he fancied a bowl.
Josh Perry and Jono Hatton started a very tidy spell of bowling to keep the score rate down - at least they would have done if I hadn't kept so badly that eventually the byes total went up to 25 at the end. Having said that 3 4's had come through as grass cutters onwhat was a variable 'old' pitch and which Josh in particular struggled to get any consistent bounce from.
The EB's openers were sticky, especially as we dropped 2 regulation catches to keep them alive.
Eventually we got amongst them including Andy Gordon bowling their opener behind his legs with a ball which had me scampering off to square leg before it swung in  and took middle stump.
Steve Collington showed why he should never have left the cricketing scene, bowling a fab spell of 11 overs for next to nothing, and the bowling was then mixed around with Glen Formoy (who fielded superbly and showed us the way there) Chris Brenchley and Steve Milner removing a pin for a few overs.
The innings was wrapped up with AG and SC trying to keep the runs down, and EB finished on 191, too many and not assisted by my fumbling's behind the  wicket and the dropped catches. As it became clear when batting it was clear that had got  through the first 3 or so  the rest were not likely to trouble the bowlers very much at all.
Steve C and Paul Black opening the batting, with Paul Black soon going to a regulation LBW decision.
Glen came in to keep Steve C company as he built a nice innings.
GF couldn't stick and In came Steve Milner. Having pulled the pins for a couple of explosive overs (for EB) he decided to turn on the fireworks for the next 25 overs or so as he built a PB of 79 and deservedly got Man of the Match for that PB.
In between SC ran out of steam rather then skill and then slowly SM ran out of partners as firstly Josh, Bryan, then AG, who hit 1 glorious 6, myself Jono and Chris B  limped away, until Steve was chasing a gettable score if only he had some partners, especially in the form he was in.
We fell 22 short and it was a respectable turnout which could have been  a win but for one or two moments in  the game.
Nobody managed to take Captain Calamity off me, although this time my duck was not self inflicted, as advised by the square leg umpire.


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