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Fiskerton Under 15s Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Whatton
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Date   19/06/2012
Location   Away
Result   Lost
The Toss  
Fiskerton   74  for  6
Opposition   78  for  10
Points   0
Match Report  

First  time Fiskerton have played at Whatton for a while, and thanks to the coach's  directions (partly to Whatton and partly to Bottesford) we nearly lost some before the game started and during as parents caught up with offspring.

The weather had definitely been kind to the outfield and it was lush but hard.

Home side batting first their star went in and a crafty look at their score book after the game showed we got him out for under his usual par score of around 50odd when bowled late in his innings for 37 by Megan Surtees, with one described by the batsman as 'seaming off the pitch'.

Before that we'd seen some better and more tidy bowling from everyone concerned.

Olly opened and bowled fuller of length and got his just rewards if not a wicket.

At the other end James Pritchett was asked to open and admitted later that he bowled too fast and lost his customary line and length and therefore his usual miserliness.

Ollie Shelvey came on the other end and showed his bowling has improved, making sure that there were no ‘no balls’ and plenty of pace with proper line and length which  delivered 2 wickets.

Harriett replaced JP and again continued with last week's improvements and was awarded a wicket.

James Stevenson was captain tonight and rotated the bowling well, which was of a higher than usual standard, and when not, he showed good foot work to get to the wides and byes on the leg side to keep the extras down.

Whatton didn't panic as the wickets fell and clawed their way back into the game well keeping the score board ticking over.

Further wickets fell including 3 to Joe Orgill including a caught and bowled.

The catching practice on the previous night may have worked as some good catches were taken including a hard one in the deep by Olly Stanley and  a very determined effort by Harriett to chase one over her shoulder which she got 2 hands to whilst running but couldn't quite hold on to and Charlie wand taking a  more straightforward catch at mid on.

The bowling was completed when Chris Peacock got the final wicket off his second ball leaving 78 to chase.

The total always looked getable even with the lush outfield.

The batting order was chopped around a bit  and Chris and James Prtichett opened, Chris falling to a ball that kept low early on for an unfortunate duck.

James P was then partnered by Ollie Shelvey and for a while the bowlers kept the scoring very quiet, the pitch being the bowlers friend if the ball was put on a line and a length.

A bit of panic set in the crowd  but this was countered by the opposition scorer stating that there was a long way to go, as indeed there was.

Ollie Shelvey started to get a bit more of the strike and was able to start to punish the bad ball and the odd one bowled in the slot, and the score board soon started ticking over.

From the start of the innings there was a strange lack of energy with the batters failing to put persure on the fielding side by taking the first one quickly.

A lesson to be learnt in very limited over cricket is to keep the run rate up, the fielders fingers nervous and on edge by taking what looks always  looks like only in single quickly to capitalise on mistakes and build pressure.

Instead  it was left for the fielders to relax as batters sauntered between the stumps, often to let themselves be challenged when there was a second run by only just getting in.

This was to prove a problem for later as with  none of the early batsmen taking any dab and runs, and the strike therefore not switching as often as it might,  the run rate started to creep back up again.


With Ollie Shelvey caught on 37, having look like he would go on to get a 50+, other wickets fell  and batters went in struggling both to connect and make the right decision when running.

Sadly Ban Jackson was  run out when being called by both non striking batsman and most on the boundary to run a sharp run which was there, but which needed a quick decision.

In the end  it as left to Olly Stanley and Charlie  Wand to try and chase a score which although still had a chance of being beaten was slipping away.

Whatton mostly held their nerve with the closing bowling and Fiskerton fell 4 short.

The important thing was the game, which was definitely a winner tonight.

Not having visited Whatton before, the crowd were non-partisan and the club officials welcoming and friendly.

A lovely evening and a good tight game of cricket.














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