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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Ellerslie
Ed Akers

Rob Turner

Richard Drinkwater

Amit Bajracharya

Stuart Black

* *

Corey Thomas

Liam Aldred-Abram

Richard Stevenson

Stuart Proctor

Conor Pearson

Date   11/05/2013
Location   Home
Result   Won
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   168  for  5
Opposition   139  for  10
Points   20
Man of Match   Amit Bajracharya
Cpt Calamity   Rob Turner
Match Report  

First of all, what an investment this club made in the new covers and super soaker.......without them we would never have got a result. 6 overs in we had the most almighty rain shower that would have called most games off around the country. With the covers on and the super soaker out we had tea early and got the square playable and managed to get finished.

In those 6 overs i'd won the toss, chose to bat and got out! But thanks to a MOTM knock from Amit Bajra (45) and a good 68 from Rich Drinkwater as well as 26no from Rob Tuner we posted a good score of 168. At about 5pm a little (optional word!) birdy whispered in my ear that i might want to think about declaring with 4 overs to go, and make sure we force a result. It was a good call so when Richard Stevenson was out for 7 i took the players off. Richard had first rolled back the years and looked in good touch.

After a quick turn around we set about bowling them out which we achieved and we won by 29 runs. Some promising performances from youngsters Corey Thomas (1-22), Liam Aldred (0-19) and Conner Pearson (0-17) complimenting the more seasoned players Rich Drinkwater (2-28), Paul Orgil (3-30) and Ed Akers (4-16)....but it was quite twitchy towards the end. Lots of lessons for us to learn in the field, myself included. Catches win matches, giving ourselves 10 paces and walking in, long barriers when fielding the ball, remembering where we are fielding and listening to ex-premier league cricketers about field placings are just some of the things to work on.

But a good result none the less and thanks to the ground staff for once again providing a top playing surface and outfield.

Capt Calamity to Rob Turner. When at the non-strikers end he managed to stand on the same side as the bowler was bowling from for 2 balls before realising he should be on the opposite side. He then tried to do it again 2 overs later.

Report by   Ed Akers
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