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Saturday 2nd XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   East Bridgford
Ed Akers

Paul Whitby

Bryan Butler

Roger Tysoe

Paul Black

Stuart Black

Paul Orgill

Joe Orgill

Josh Perry

Luke Rees

George Butler

Date   01/06/2013
Location   Away
Result   Lost
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   92  for  10
Opposition   141  for  7
Points   2
Man of Match   Joe Orgill
Cpt Calamity   Roger Tysoe
Match Report  

Disappointing result against the bottom of the league team. With a good bowling line up i asked for an improved fielding performance on last weeks efforts. I got what i asked for. The bowling in particular was fantastic meaning i didnt even need to turn to my own rank half trackers, much to everyones delight. Rees, Perry and Tysoe did not get just rewards on an indifferent pitch. The main star of the show once again was Paul Orgill taking 3 for 45 for 12 overs. A special mention for Joe Orgill l who bowled very well and took the key wicket of Shaqib Shah who was well set on 60. Having just been hit for a 4 and 6 consequtively, Joe came back next ball and took the wicket which underlines this lads attitude. Joe's fielding is also vastly improved, and his display in the field combined with his bowling earned him the MOTM. Also well done to George Butler for his fielding performance throughout the 45 overs.

Chasing 141 i knew it wouldnt be easy as its fair to say we didnt have the strongest looking line up. However within the top 6 i did think we could muster enough. It wasnt an easy to bat on the pitch, but it also wasnt impossible. Having dried out it started to crumble and the bounce was very variable. It needed application, concentration and patience which unfortunatley not enough of us had. Apart from Roger, who got a jaffa, everyone else got out to balls that could've been kept out or should have been left alone. Until we learn to play patiently and watchfully we will not win many more cricket matches. Luke Rees did play a good supporting roll to myself batting time, so well done to him. I must just mention a pair of golden blacks.....i mean ducks.......for the father and son pair!

Capt Calamity - Sewn up by Roger, not for his duck but for a list of things:

1) Calling Luke Rees Joe for at least 15 overs before realising

2) Trying to bowl with his cap on

3) Dropping a catch (he'll claim it was deliberate as he picked the ball up and ran his man out anway!)

4) Providing rather dodgy/entertaining umpire signalling.

Improvements needed lads......lets have it next week.

Report by   Ed Akers
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