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Saturday 1st XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Underwood
Date   13/07/2013
Location   Away
Result   Won
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   92  for  3
Opposition   87  for  10
Points   19
Man of Match   * *
Match Report  

Well, today was one of those proud moments as a captain, when you see a boy that you play cricket with become a man you play cricket with.

Dan Jones who has had an excellent year, bowled 6.2 overs and dismissed half of the opposition who were at the time sitting in 2nd position in the table to claim his maiden Senior 5 wicket haul. Not only did he take 5 wickets, but it should be noted that 3 of the 5 wickets were Underwoods top 5 batsmen. Dan showed control, and tremendous maturity by adjusting the speed of his bowling. The 5 wickets consisted of bowling 3 batsmen and finding 2 nicks to the keeper James Stevenson who also had an amazing day behind the sticks taking 4 catches. Such was the quality of Daniel's bowling, Underwood had no reply.

Supported in the field by every player, Fiskertons bowling smashed Underwood to 87 all out.

Dan Collington 1 for 36, Andy Laughton 2 for 23 & Barnabus with an amazing spectacle of spin taking 2 for 7 off 6 meant that only 4 bowlers were needed to brush Underwood to one side.

Surely today was our day!

Max & myself opened, however, it became very clear that we were playing 12 men in the field today. Max given LBW to a thick inside edge. Quickly followed by myself, who I have to say was given out under the most bizarre circumstances. Caught behind was the eventual reason the umpire gave me out for, it didn't seem to matter that I was shouldering arms and my bat was 2 feet away from the ball. Anyway, it was a howler!

However Dickie "Barnabus" Drinkwater put right the 2 wrongs, totally supported by, once again you guessed it Dan Jones.

Drinkwater smashed the ball to all parts scoring an unbeaten 75, consisting of 2 sixes and 10 fours. You may at be looking at the scoreboard and wondering what happened to Dan Jones batting figures, a "duck"!

It is the best 0, Dan will ever score. At a time when Underwood, with a little bit of help from their twelfth man had dismissed our openers. Dan came to the crease when we were extremely vulnerable. Another wicket or 2 and a Fisko collapse was on for Underwood. 15 overs Dan battled away, supporting Drinky by absorbing the pressure from some pretty decent bowling. And the fact that the a certain individual on the field still had 4 bullets left in his 6 shooter, meant that a great deal of maturity with the bat was needed. As is the character of any batsmen, scoring 0 runs is disappointing, but what you have to realise Dan is not only did you dismiss half of Underwoods team with the ball for just 14 runs at the age of 15. But you also prevented Underwood from exposing our middle order to some very good bowlilng in a very tense situation with the bat.

Well done everyone.

Man of the Match - Obviously Mr Dan Jones for his all round performance.

But if there was such thing as Men of the Match - Mr Drinkwater, what a day you had. Well played Barnabus. In addition a very tidy day for Mr James Stevenson behind the sticks

I would award Captain Calamity, but I don't know there umpires name!!!


Report by   David Hedge
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