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Fiskerton Under 15s Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Keyworth CC
* *

Olly Stanley

Chris Peacock

Harry Napier

James Pritchett

* *

Liam Aldred-Abram

Jonathon Meal

* *

Conor Pearson

* *

Date   06/06/2013
Location   Away
Result   Lost
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   106  for  7
Opposition   113  for  6
Points   0
Man of Match   Harry Napier
Match Report  

We lost tonight  not by scoring less with the  bat but by gifting more with the ball once more.

It's a recurring theme, where suggestions of removing 10% of speed to produce 50% more  accuracy seem to go unheeded at the nets (even if people bother to practice when they turn up) and produce results like tonight.

Yet  again we were  the second highest scorer for our opposition (26 as extras).

I feel most sorry for the Turners, Orgills, Aylwoods Pearsons and others who turn up and try their hardest  in the field but don't get a bat or bowl - which believe me will change.

It seems unfair to say these things of youngsters but some soon will be working or being left to their own devices to study or produce results.

It was nice to see Jonno throw off his gremlins from his last 2 innings to accompany Dan and then Harry and produce  a nice controlled and expressive knock and for Harry to push on and score his highest this year. Well done Harry with bat and ball and a deserved Man of the Match.

It's the old story, more application will produce easier results.

It's not a hard game, but requires discipline in practice  and  game time to get results.

Next time please guys.





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