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Fiskerton Under 15s Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Ellerslie
Date   25/04/2013
Location   Away
Result   Lost
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   73  for  5
Opposition   89  for  9
Points   0
Man of Match   James Stevenson
Match Report  

In a game that was dominated by the gloom and cold of a typical April evening, we wine the toss and chose to chase rather than set a score on an artificial pitch that was always going to be true.
The team romped away to a great start being 0 for 1 and then 5 for 2 and even 18 for 4 until Ellerslie's batsmen settled and started to pick up their scoring rate and calm down their wickets lost.

Throughout that our bowling and fielding remained of a high standard, even given that the rust of winter had  received no chance of being brushed away by practice because of weather etc.

There were  many highlights of the fielding including  Olly and Jonno setting  miserly over rates and taking wickets and others chipping in with bowling and fielding of a very high standard throughout the side  to take wickets and keep Ellerslie's middle order to as decent a score as possible given the power of one or two of their batsmen.

In the end Megan was given the last over and in her first produced 2 wickets with some line and length as Ellerslie swung to try to get past 90.

It would have been the perfect plan to chase the score if only the weather and light had co-operated.

As it was JS and Jonno started with exemplary straight bats for Jonno only to be fooled by the Ellerslie '16 pace' bowler producing slower balls as he really only bowled off 3 causing a leading edgeand a caught and bowled, which surprised both batsman and spectators.

Losing  2 more wickets fairly quickly didn't settle the nerves until JS decide that he would set a 6th wicket stand with Hattie, and started stroking and pulling the bowling  around the park.

Trouble was nature and a setting (set?) sun conspired to make the ball harder to see  and  more invisible than coal in a Newcastle barge so JS fell to a ball that was straight and true whilst the run rate was climbing higher and higher.

With a    run rate that was climbing higher and higher so the shouts from the boundary became more and more urgent  and fired up  Hattie and CP to score from every ball they could including some great running between the wickets. They tried with great vigour but still it was that we fell short playing the final overs in such a gloom that not only the ball  couldn't be seen but neither could the umpires and players in the middle.

Well done guys and gals (especially the gals and apologies to  all the ladies for calling them all guys at one stage!) as everyone made a great effort to the first game in an early season.

Thank you,  well done and as always Mecum Avit


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