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Fiskerton Under 15s Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Burton Joyce
* *

Olly Stanley

Hattie Carr

Chris Peacock

James Pritchett

James Stevenson

* *

Jonathon Meal

* *

Conor Pearson

* *

Date   24/06/2013
Location   Home
Result   Won
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   100  for  0
Opposition   99  for  0
Points   12
Man of Match   Olly Stanley
Match Report  

Wel that was close - but we were only 3rd highest score this time for the opposition and the fielding was tremendous  -thank you all those who didn't bat or bowl but fielded strongly to stop the run rate and build pressure and things are getting better.

Games are won in the field by stopping huge hits for only 1 run and pressurising batsmen well done Joe George and Chris

It was a tough 'need to win' game if we have any desire to win the league and more important not only a win but a denial of bonus points by retaining wickets when batting  not just getting runs against a Burton Joyce team who are heading up the league.

Excellent bowling displays especially Olly Stanley with a repeat of stunning bowling figured after his senior display last Saturday against the senior  Fiskerton team.

But it wasn't just about quickies as the slow bowlers took advantage of a pitch without life to further strangle batters where they could. And again a special mention to Chris Peacock - not many would fancy bowling  the last over with only 7 runs needed.

He produced a nicely flighted ball to give James Stevenson  his first (?) chance behind the stumps to  take a wicket and produced a dot ball to increase the pressure.

In the end Burton Joyce needed 4 off the last ball and with (nearly) all the  fielders back in the correct positions hard on the boundary to stop that happening, the oposition could only get to 99, one off a draw and the victory was Fiskerton's.

Special mention to those who simply fielded without doing anything else. There are those days sometimes in cricket.

Thank you for doing that and lets take it to Flintham now

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