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Fiskerton Under 15s Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Kinoulton CC
* *

Megan Surtees

Olly Stanley

Harry Napier

James Pritchett

James Stevenson

Corey Thomas

Liam Aldred-Abram

Jonathon Meal

* *

* *

Date   25/07/2013
Location   Home
Result   Won
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   157  for  4
Opposition   82  for  5
Points   12
Man of Match   Harry Napier
Match Report  

A very friendly visit from Kinoulton  following the stormy weather earlier in the week saw some more thunder and lightening from the Fiskerton Batsmen.

James Stevenson and Jono Meal opened with James continuing his attempt to cllect a full set of 'run outs' in the Fiskerton team.

Both had started very confidently with plenty of quick singles being taken until the fateful act.

Dan Jones joined James and the quick singles continued, with James being especially stong off his legs with some beautifully timed shots.

At the other end Kinoulton were left to rue a sharp chance off Dan Jones in the offside trap when he played early on a shorter length ball  then going on to another 51 retired not out. However the power f shot and sharpness of chance eluded the fielder.

James Stevenson continued at the other end until playing a hard cut which arrived low at point  and  was snaffled up. A shame as James has managed to pick out fielders all through this year and has shaped up to go on to a deserved 50 on many occasions. It will come.

Olly Stanley joined in with an early  and lovely cover drive to continue to put the pressure on Kinoulton's bowlers and the run rate continued with Dan eventually scoring 11 4's for his 51 retired.

In the meantime Olly continued his good work  until an uncharacteristic swipe at a straight one left him bemused and bowled and Harry joined Dan.

With Dan retiring and James Pritchett joining in the partnership with Harry  both pushed for runs, Harry scoring 7 4's and James 3 of them, until the last over when pushing too hard James was caught leaving George Aylward to have some fun hitting the ball hard for just 3 runs.

In the  end the overs ran out before Harry to get his deserved 50, being 48 not out.

Having struck 157 off 18 overs, even with fielding with only 10 players, we felt confident but with instructions to involve all team members in the bowling and fielding

As is now becoming clear, James Stevenson continued to keep batsmen quiet by standing up to all bowling, and keeping batsmans feet quiet, as showed in the very early drive off Harry caught by Dan in deep gully (wasn't that fielding position set in the pre fielding discussion...[leave it …Ed.]).

There is no doubt that when our bowlers bowl clean straight balls, his speed and closeness behind  the stumps un-nerves players, proved last night when he caught one of their openers behind off seam up bowling whilst standing up.

Napier, Jones, Stanley and Meal all kept the run rate down and allowed others to express themselves with Liam Aldred-Abrams getting a first ball wicket with the same flight and height commonly used by Swann and Lords.

You can't fault anyone's efforts in the field  and with Aylward refusing to take the ball in case his perfect record is broken, the wickets were shared around with Corey picking up a wicket to show how to slow bowl.

In the meantime Megan bowled her spell of 3 for miserly figures at that stage of the game, with Kinoulton needing to hit out and their star batsman Elliott chasing a score.

There were a few anomalies, most likely caused by the incredibly muggy conditions that the weather caused through the evening, with the light eventually dropping to show that indeed we are nearer Halloween than last Christmas.

In the end we prevailed against a very friendly team with lovely supporters including some old faces that the reporter had not seen for many years.

With our last game coming up at Ellerslie on Tuesday the season continues to build momentum with better and better displays coming from all team members

As always

Mecum avit









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