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Fiskerton Under 15s Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Belvoir
* *

Megan Surtees

Olly Stanley

Hattie Carr

Harry Napier

James Pritchett

James Stevenson

Liam Aldred-Abram

Jonathon Meal

* *

Conor Pearson

Date   10/07/2013
Location   Away
Result   Won
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   106  for  4
Opposition   103  for  5
Points   12
Man of Match   James Stevenson
Match Report  

Well it was  a long drive to Belvoir but as usual the scenery and welcome was first class.

After boiling hot days, both  our manager and umpire dragged themselves away from a scintillating first day at Trent Bridge under a cloudy sky that had produce 14 wickets  to this lovely part of the world.

Whilst the cricket at TB was not of first class it has to be said that this match was played in a different style.

Belvoir opened in accordance with league rules and their opening pair looked smart.

Harry Napier opened with his bowling improving by each game and whilst the opener looked to score as often as he could, Harry kept the line and length tight.

From the other end, Olly Staney provided his usual tight  lines and when Dan Jones stepped into the offside trap, Olly questioned it but was met with a wink, and sure enough Belvoir lost their opening bat Rosie (who was shaping up well) to a perfectly executed plan.

Olly and Happy continued  to bowl very tight lines and the pressure was building nicely, with Harry throwing in the odd faster and more aggressive ball as his confidence grew. Good stuff.

Bowling limits reached, both were given a  rest and Megan Surtees and James Pritchett took over the good work.

Megan struggling to pitch the ball and therefore suffered at the hands of Belvoir No 1 batsman, but continued and bowled some good lines which meant that extras were not being leaked.

At the same time James Stevenson kept wicket tight to the stumps meaning that whilst they were swinging the bat, the hitters couldn't wander away from  their ground.

James P bowled tighter lines but again struggled with his length, from his end bowling too short, and was pulled relentless at times. These batters were no pushover.

Jono Meal came on and  struggled a bit with line and length but still there were little extras in comparison with before.

Alex Jan was asked into  the equation.  A voice (from Dad) at the back said he's not been bowling much as he's been keeping elsewhere.

No need for comment really as Alex then produce a lovely spell of bowling to irritate batsmen, producing 2 wickets from his bowling and a run out in addition from his own bowling, taken by Alex himself.

At the other end Dan Jones had been asked to wrap it up and bowled some nice balls including a slower ball which Belvoir bat then decided to take  in a 'Dilshan' mode'.

I think that decided the bowler to then produce some variation in pace which unsettled things and allowed a run out to Dan  from his own bowling, having fielded the ball and ran to his own stumps to whip them off.

103 posted.

It was an ideal night to swap around the batting. Short boundaries and  a bumpy outfield meant that fielding was always going to be difficult.

James Stevenson and Alex Jan opened, with James nicking most of the strike, but posting his intent with some very powerful hitting within technical correct shots.

When Alex J managed to see some ball, he showed his emerging class with the straight bat, until James called the dreaded 'yes, no' sorry' call - beer owed when older James to Alex please James , and it was remembered in the changing room and will be for a later payment.

I asked Jono to step in and show what he is made of, and after a shaky start was doing so, until triggered by Belvoir's own Annie Oakley at the bowler's end (sorry Fina but that finger went up faster than the price of petrol)

I was beginning to rue messing around with the order, but in stepped Olly Stanley. Not only has the bowling improved but he then showed a broader range of strokes with the bat to have some fun out there.

Both James and Olly then set too, only for James to be caught on the boundary leg side( he's not caught one all year you know was the crowd's delighted comment).

In came Harry with his new bat, and  the scoring slowed a bit as he forgot to move his feet, and looked like he didn't want to mark his bat at all.....

He soon warmed up though,  and things were looking good until Olly was tempted to a well flighted ball  and didn't quite skip down the track enough to meet it with the straight bat required. Right idea, and almost executed  so no worries there.

Needing 29 off about 6 overs or so, in came Dan' Shane Watson' Jones

Whilst  he hadn't seen the Auusie opener at TB, he certainly decided that either he wanted  make sure his Dad got an early visit to the pub, or that balls were made for hitting and not nurdling.

Having been dropped  right on the mid off boundary and showing the patience of a rabid tiger he put the Belvoir bowling to the sword scoring a rapid 25 off 9 balls   with 2 dots, a single and 6 4's - hmmm -  good opener's patience there.

The game over and with thanks  to Belvoir's hospitality we did have the now traditional mad dash to Willoughby and the Chequers Inn - lovely  pint on a fabulous day of cricket at TB and Belvoir.


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