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Evening League Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Thurgarton
Mike Rees

Jim Kirkham

Ed Akers

Richard Robson

Rob Turner

* *

* *

Stephen Milner

* *

Ben Carr

Stephen Holt

Date   20/05/2009
Location   Away
Result   Won
The Toss   Lost
Fiskerton   88  for  7
Opposition   87  for  9
Points   4
Man of Match   Mike Rees
Cpt Calamity   * *
Match Report  

Well, having arrived at Thurgaton just after a heavy downpour it seemed the weather had turned and we might get a game after all. When the covers were removed it was a hard, dry pitch and....i thought....good to bat on. So of course i lost the toss and we were put in to field! Luca Tricarico took the new(ish) ball and put in a good first over with a very fast edge going over Phil Z at first slip (definatley a drop!). Stephen Holt had the second over and after some inital problems finding his line he got the first wicket with a stumping off a wide ball! (Doesnt matter how they come though Steve!!) He also got the next breakthrough in his second over with a ball that looked like it had gone down leg but actually just tickled the leg stump. Steve bowled straight through and finished with 2 for 11. Well Bowled Steve! T

Then the rain set we've played through drizzle and light showers before but never Monsoon season! Rob Turner replaced Luca and got a wicket with his first ball caught at Mid off by Akers (what a great bit of captaincy!) And after what can only be described as a couple of "Attempted bouncers" Rob was given a blow after 2 overs finishing with 1 for 11. Jim Kirkham bowled 2 overs without success finishing with 0 for 12. With the rain in mind i thought it was time to turn to our Polish Pro and i knew it was the right decision when he told me 'i cant bloody see a thing'(Nothing new there then!). The rain on his glasses probably did us a favour as he took 2 wickets in his 2 overs, both bowled, finishing with 2 for 12. There were 2 run outs, 1 from the 'mighty' arm of Phil Z (that doesnt sound quite right does it?!) and one from Luca with a good throw from Ian Wilkinson. Luca finished off the innings with 2 wickets 1 caught by Akers in the covers and 1 bowled. Luca's figures 2 for 31.

With a pitch more like a mud bath and with the sight of Robbo confidently striding out bat, Mike Rees and Jim Kirkham hurridly put their pads on knowing it wouldnt be long! And after a lovely early square cut for 4 Robbo chopped on to his stumps for 6. Ben Carr also fell early for 0 being stumped after walking outside his crease. Jim Kirkham who only last night told me 'i feel some runs coming tomorrow' was quickly back in the pavillion for 2. So i thought a Captains innings was in order........and roughly 8 balls later i was back in the hutch to put the kettle on for 1.

Enter Rob Turner and Mike Rees. At this point we were 25 for 4 and this pair put on a good partnership, with Mike playing his usual shots and Rob playing sensibly for his runs. Mike had a lucky escape on 28 after a high shot was pushed over the boundary off for 6. Rob eventially fell for for 19, enter Phil Z to bring the match home. 2 balls later Luca was striding out to the crease, and very soon after Mike Rees was run out for a MOTM 42. So with the game as tight as Jim Kirkham's wallet it came down to 3 runs needed off 3 balls. With a cool head Luca hit the winning runs with one ball to spare after Steve Milner had the odd swing and a miss!

Captain Calamity goes to Luca simply because he got in the way off a Mike Rees shot which would have gone for 4 and won the game with an over to spare! Well Done all, a great win.

Report by   Ed Akers
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