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Saturday 1st XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Wilsons
Ali Hall

Mike Rees

James Brown

Steve Collington

Phil Cranfield

Gareth Rees

Kevin Rees

Richard Robson

Jason Sharp

* *

Richard Drinkwater

Date   02/05/2009
Location   Away
Result   Won
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   230  for  7
Opposition   171  for  10
Points   20
Man of Match   Gareth Rees
Cpt Calamity   Ali Hall
Match Report  
Wilsons v Fiskerton 1/5/09
A very welcome new season started with a few of us meeting at the pub prior to the match. Things started well for me as I managed to arrive at the pub as Kev (swine flu) Rees was at the bar so a pint was ordered. I looked to the left to see Mike Rees sweating at the mere thought that it was him who could have been in Kev’s position.
Arrived at Wilsons ready for action only to find that Ali (let’s cure the world of swine flu) Hall was running an hour late!! Track looked a bit green so I thought there might be a bit in the pitch for myself with my late dipping and swinging deliveries - how right I was.
During the toss Wilson’s captain advised me that they were a few keys players short, which I advised him was unfortunate for him, given that we had a hell of a side out. Lost the toss and we were put into bat – GAME ON.
After an inspirational new season team talk, the lads were ready for battle and were they pumped (but not Ali who was still no where to be seen).
Mike and Gareth strode out to bat looking confident and 10 feet talk. 10 minutes later Wilsons knew they were in for a long day as Gareth set about dispatching them to all parts of the ground. Unfortunately Mike got an inside edge and was out for a duck. An unlucky dismissal but it allowed James (credit crunch tea) Brown an early opportunity which he duly declined as he was out for only 12, but at least it was a better average than last year.
Enter Richard (the DON) Robson. You could feel the expectancy around the ground as all ran to get their pads knowing it will not take long. However the Don looked confident with a couple of early late cut edges and the usual opposition dropped catches. Will the opposition pay as the last time Robson was dropped he went on to get 126 n.o. oh what a memory!!
Meanwhile Gareth (one knee) Rees continued to smash the ball to all parts of the ground in and amongst several dropped catches finally falling 4 short of the magical ton. A great start to the season for Gareth and a very important knock. Robson continued with laborious and flukey knock and ended up with a long-winded 38.
In stepped Kev (swine flu) Rees who if you blinked you would have missed – out for a duck!!! The mantle was taken up by Richard (always on a high) Drinkwater who batted extremely well for 38. Welcome runs and unexpected runs - well done Drinks.
Phil (tight shirt) Cranfield went for 7 and the ship was then steadied by Captain Marvel who ended up with a battling 3 not out (all about averages).
Fiskerton ended up with 230-7. A great start to the season.
After a stunning tea of fresh air we went out to bowl feeling confident (who wouldn’t after that captain’s speech?)
Luca with steam coming out his nose charged in from the bottom end. A decent first over with 4 from it. Wilsons got off to a steady start but it was clear they were not looking for singles. Luca got a good early wicket caught by Mike (I nearly bought a pint) Rees. We were on top!! By this time Ali (swine flu show me the money) Hall had turned up. Judging by his early bowling you could tell his mind was on the cash.
An early double bowling change was made bring on Jason (the hero) Sharp and Steve (no knees) Collington. Inspirational decision!! With captain hero’s late dip, bounce and swing it paved the way for Collington to put the opposition on the back foot with 3-37. A great effort. Unfortunately the skipper finished without a much deserved wicket thanks in the main to Richard (give us a puff) Drinkwater failing to take a catch my grandma would have snaffled.
A double inspirational bowling change meant that Drinkwater and Kev could take a very quick 5 wickets to leave the opposition dead in the water. Drinkwater finishing with 2-25 and Kev with 3-10 (not a typo). Having waited 5 years for a bowling performance like that from Kev long may his swine flu continue.
Wilson’s were bowled out for 171 and 20 points were ours. Superb.
A final apology to Ali for charging you the full subs given that you were only with us for half the match!!
Man on the match Gareth.
Report by   Jason Sharp
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