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Saturday 1st XI Match Report

Fisko Team
Opposition   Nuthall
Ali Hall

Mike Rees

James Brown

Daniel Collington

Steve Collington

* *

Kevin Rees

Richard Robson

Jason Sharp

* *

Richard Drinkwater

Date   09/05/2009
Location   Home
Result   Won
The Toss   Won
Fiskerton   144  for  0
Opposition   141  for  10
Points   20
Man of Match   Richard Robson
Cpt Calamity   James Brown
Match Report  

Fiskerton V Nuthall 8/5/09

Due to the success of the first week Drinkwater suggested we meet at the pub and then failed to turn up himself. I must stick a TAG on him to remind him in the future.
Arrived at the ground feeling confident after last week’s victory and whilst the Fisko track looked greener than normal you new it would still play well. Won the toss and put the opposition in knowing that we had a very strong bowling attack. You could see the fear on the opposition face as I relayed to them how we had destroyed Wilson’s the previous week.
Malc (the porn king) Deacon in the dressing room increased the average age of the team to 55 but who cared we were on a role. After another inspirational team talk we were once again ready.
Luca (the Italian stallion) Tricarico charged in once again with limited success but lots of effort. Ali who had miraculously turned up on time also charged in but the openers looked comfortable being 15-0 off just 2 overs. Was it time for captain hero already?
I spared their blushes for a few overs more but it was time for the dip, swing and bounce Sharp was on!! A double change with Drinkwater proved inspirational as 2 wickets fell during the next 2 overs, Sharp with one that moved and dipped viciously and Drinkwater finding a lucky outside edge caught superbly by Mike (yet to score a run Rees).
A few more tight overs from captain marvel saw the introduction of Steve (turn it a mile) Collington. Right from the start you could see that Collo had them in all sorts of trouble with his vicious spin. Drinkwater stayed on and gave the opposition a fighting chance being hit for 20 of two overs. I suggested that it might be time for him to have a break but he disagreed and could not understand how I could have arrived at this decision given that it was not his fault 20 runs had been conceded as the batsman were slogging!!
I need not have fretted as Collo continued to go through them like a hot curry. Finishing with 5-28 off 11.4 overs. Superb. With Robson also chipping in with a couple of run outs I knew it was our day. We reduced them to 141 all out, unheard of on Fisko’s track.
We were all looking forward to a hearty tea only to be disappointed by James (get down) Brown. Being at the back of the queue proved to be a fatal error as James had gone to the only supermarket in Nottingham that had run out of bread.
After tea out strode Robson and Rees and they smelt blood. What would Nuthall have to trouble them? Not a lot as it transpired as they smashed the ball to all parts of the ground with apparent ease.
As we walked round the ground with Malc (the porn king) Deacon it became apparent that this could well be the Robson’s (Fisko’s Ian Bell) day. With just 23 overs gone we were victorious winning by 10 wickets, Mike ending up with a quality 52 not out and Robbo with a streaky 87 not out. A great win and 20 more points.
Joint man of the match – Collo and Robson
Report by   Steve Collington
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