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ECB guidance on use of Helmets
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  Thursday 03-Aug-17
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  Sunday 08-Jan-17
  Fiskerton CC & Thurgarton CC Merger

They say it's good to live through interesting times. Fiskerton Cricket Club and Thurgarton Cricket Club are delighted  to announce a merger of  two of the oldest and strongest clubs in the Trent Valley  to be known as Fiskerton & Thurgarton Cricket Club for the upcoming  2017 season and beyond.

The merger  came from a desire to provide the community with  better acces to bigger and better  facilities,  more opportunities for players both young and old to enjoy the game, and to move the game forwards in this area.

The merger is designed provide a platform  for cricket to develop  at all levels and for all participants, young and old, to secure the long term future of recreational cricket in this corner of the Trent Valley.  

Fielding three Saturday teams in the Gunn & Moore South Notts Cricket League, two Sunday teams in the Newark Alliance Cricket League and a Mid-Week team in the Newark Evening Cricket League they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Building on their youth set ups, the Club will field teams in Kwik Cricket and hard ball junior cricket  and give opportunities for those young players to move to adult cricket. For those retiring cricketers  there is an opportunity to give something back to the game by teaching supporting and encouraging those younger players.

Uniquely with Fiskerton & Thurgarton separated by only 3 miles the club will utilise both the current grounds and assets to ensure cricket is still played in both villages and to provide access tot he sport to as wide an area as possible.

We can offer opportunities to cricketers of all levels and abilities, and new members will be very welcome. To get involved please contact either Richard Nevin (07929910633) or Danny Orwin (07976215230).

​The first Fiskerton & Thurgarton CC Annual General Meeting will be held at 8pm at Thurgarton Village Hall on January 26th 2017. We'd love to see as many current members there as possible, and we welcome past and new members also.

​Richard Nevin - Chairman Fiskerton CC

​Danny Orwin - Chairman Thurgarton CC

  Monday 12-Dec-16
  Bill Tomlinson

Fiskerton Cricket Club would like to announce the sad loss of Bill Tomlinson. Bill was a stalwart of the club and spent countless hours preparing pitches, coaching and developing cricketers of all ages and ability as well as scoring for all sides in 'his score box'. Bill has had a good innings but will be sorely missed by all that knew him. Our thoughts are with Anne and the family. We will let you all know of further arrangements as soon as we can. 


  Monday 07-Mar-16
  ECB guidance on use of Helmets

ECB Guidance Note: Safety measures for helmets within recreational cricket

The  ECB  has  recently  announced  new  helmet  safety  measures,  which  are  being  introduced  with  a 
view to reducing the risk of head and facial injuries within the game. The purpose of this brief note is 
to assist Leagues and Clubs at the recreational level to understand the key elements of these changes 
and what they mean.  

Players over the age of 18

The ECB strongly  recommends that all  adult  recreational cricketers  should  wear helmets  for certain 
activities,  preferably  which  meet  the  most  recent  British  Safety  Standard  (see  below).  This
recommendation  applies to  batting against  all types of bowling, wicket-keepers standing up to the 
wicket  (who may  as an alternative wear face protectors)  and fielders fielding  closer than eight yards 
from the batsman’s middle stump, except behind the wicket on the off side. 

Under 18s

The position in relation to u18s currently remains unchanged, and is governed by the ‘ECB Guidance 
on  the  Wearing  of  Cricket  Helmets  by  Young  Players’
(  In  essence,  batsmen  and  wicket-keepers  standing 
up to the stumps must wear head protection  when playing or practising.  That Guidance should be 
referred to in full for the position in relation to u18s. 

British Safety Standard

The  latest  British  Safety  Standard  is  BS7928:2013  (for  both  adults  and  juniors).  The  full  list  of
helmets  meeting  this  standard  is  available  at  For  wicket-keeping  face 
protectors the relevant British Safety Standard is BS7929-2:2009 (again, for both adults and juniors).
The ECB understands  that  there  is  currently  no specific women's  helmet  and  as a consequence  no 
specific  standard  for  women's  cricket  helmets.  As  the  size of  the  standard  women's  cricket  ball  is 
between the standard men and junior balls, it is  recommended that women  use helmets that have 
been tested against both  the men's and junior sized ball,  or at least  against the junior size ball (as 
that could potentially get through the gap above the face guard on a men's helmet).

What do Leagues and Clubs need to do?

Whilst it is strongly recommended that all adult recreational cricketers wear helmets in the on-field 
circumstances detailed above, it is not mandatory for them to do so. For the avoidance of doubt, 
Leagues or Clubs do not need to go above and beyond the ECB’s recommendation by  forcing  their 
cricketers to wear helmets.

However,  Leagues  and  Clubs  in  recreational  cricket  should  ensure  that  their  cricketers  are  made 
aware of the  ECB’s  above  recommendation in relation to helmets,  including  the need to  check that 
any  newly  purchased  helmets  meet  the  latest  British  Safety  Standard.  The  ECB  recommends  that 
Leagues  and  Clubs  bring  the  link  above  (i.e  to  the  attention  of  their 
cricketers and encourage all cricketers to carefully consider  their own health and safety  regarding 
helmet use. 

Leagues and Clubs should always ensure that they have adequate public liability insurance.
February  2016


  Thursday 15-Aug-13
  For The Aspiring Scorers Among Us!

Tips for correct scoring

Inexperienced scorers often get the NO BALL and WIDE symbols mixed up but remembering which is which is quite easy if you liken the WIDE symbol to the umpires signal for a WIDE - standing arms out to the side in the shape of a cross. So far, so good. However, it gets a little more complicated when a combination of elements are added to the run of events:

The 'circle' symbol as above indicates NO BALL. But if the batsman hits the ball and scores singles, a boundary 4 or boundary 6 off the delivery, then the runs are marked inside the 'circle'. In practice it is easier to write down the number then 'encircle' it. These are batsman's runs and the NO BALL itself is a NO BALL extra.

More often you might see a NO BALL delivery elude the wicket keeper and the batsmen run byes or the ball runs to the boundary for 4 byes. In this case each bye taken is marked with a 'dot'. Again it is easier to 'encircle' the 'dots'. These and the NO BALL are NO BALL extras.

With WIDE deliveries it is common to see batsmen run byes or the ball run down to the boundary for 4 byes. Again a 'dot' is added for each bye that is run. These and the WIDE are WIDE extras.


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